About Us

Ramona Roberts Realtors is a family owned real estate business that began in 1980. For over 37 years, we have assisted our clients with the buying and selling of residential/commercial real estate in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Since the day we opened our doors, we have focused on one single goal: to stay in touch with today’s diverse housing market. This enables us to find or sell the properties that our clientele desire. We accomplish this goal first and foremost by maintaining a knowledgeable, professional and well-trained team. Being a member of the Fort Smith MLS, we offer the latest technologies that give us virtually instant data on any property and the ability to post our listings on popular real estate websites. Most importantly, we have developed close relationships with a network of people with whom we can access information about properties, new projects and financing.



“Everyday, my team meets and exceeds our stated goal. Their commitment, outstanding record in the community and high standards of doing business speak volumes! As the person whose name is on every sign, I can assure you that our goals have not wavered. We will be there when needed, before and after a sale.”

– Ramona Roberts